Marital relationship Traditions in Guatemala

The Guatemalan wedding tradition is a combination of religion and family. Several marriage traditions date back centuries. The formal procedure is very religious, and it is generally held in a house of worship.

During the processional, the kids enjoy a big part. That they carry the wedding train and the pillow filled with the rings. They are also responsible for carrying out several duties. They also give help and advice to the groom. The children are recognized.

A Guatemalan wedding ceremony usually requires hundreds of guests. These kinds of guests obtain invitations per week or so before the ceremony. The bride and groom dress yourself in white wedding dresses and complete the style with white shoes or boots. The wedding dating a latina tips party also would wear guatemalan mail order bride a similar dress.

The Guatemalan wedding ceremony starts with the exchange of rings. After that, the soon-to-be husband offers thirteen coins to the new bride. These coins are emblematic of good good fortune in marriage. The 13 coins represent the twelve apostles of Christ and are meant to bring success to the new family members.

Step 2 in the marriage ceremony process is definitely the pedida, which is a ceremony to unite the families. The groom is by about ten parents on the bride’s side within the family. The groom must listen to the advice. When the groom gets the necessary advice, this individual presents the ring to his fiance.

After the pedida, the few commemorates their wedding with a small reception. The reception is usually organised at the groom’s house. The family group provides the food and drinks. The reception ends with grooving.

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