Best Joomla Page Builders for your Website

In this era where peoples are more advanced than you think. They are busy with establishing their business website, work hard to enhance the position and working on their business reputation. Then why are you still struggling in build your Joomla Website??

While It becomes very easy with Joomla templates and Joomla page builders.

In today’s article, my main focus is on some best Joomla page builders that makes it easy for you to design a Joomla website effortlessly. As you already familiar with the drag and drop page builders, how it works, how they are helpful and effective for your site.

With page builder, it’s become easier to shape your site. With the Joomla website builders, you actually build everything visually, just by drag and drop interface, without writing a single line of code. I would say it is the most appropriate and expedient web development experience.

So let get started…!

Best Joomla page builders extension, An ultimate solution for your site

JD Builder – Powerful Joomla Page Builder

Want to design a Joomla website? don’t know anything about coding?

Don’t worry, JoomDev introduced drag and drop Joomla page builder which helps you to design any imaginable layouts in Joomla.  So if you want to design a landing page or a full-fledge Joomla website, this visual page designing tool is gonna help you.

JD Builder comes with more than 30+ fully functional builder elements which make it easy to design any section of your website. You can check all the available elements on their official elements page. 

Apart from the Elements, JD Builder offers you hundreds of ready to use highly responsive builder sections and website template kits. You can use them and build your website in minutes even if you don’t have any coding skills.

Key Features:

  • Fully drag and drop builder.
  • Integration with Joomla Module and Joomla Articles.
  • Pixabay Integration which gives you access to over 1 million images.
  • FAQ Schema Integration
  • Finder – helps you to find and navigate to any part of your Joomla website.
  • Navigator – helps you to overview of your page structure
  • Global Styling and many more features.
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SP Page Builder

best Joomla page builders

SP Drag and Drop Page Builder

SP Page ]builder, on the other hand, is by far the best extension for Joomla, and one of the most widely used in the market. There was a time when it quite complicated to manage the backend and write codes to create pages on your site, make them responsive (mobile friendly) but, now it’s super easy with the SP page builder.

SP Joomla page builder offers a massive opportunity to create any website visually. You can see all the changes live just by drag and drop the element from the sidebar. Also, It can be easy to edit properties on the pages, by clicking on the elements. It gets more convenient for you to maintain a site and speed up the page load time.

SP page builder offers pre-designed page layouts, templates, ready to use section designs, page builder sidebar and powerful add-ons which accelerate your site development. SP page builder is starting from just $49 onward, take a look at its standout features…

Key Features of SP Page Builder

  • Powerful Visual Page Builder
  • Real-Time Website Design
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Real-Time Frontend Editing
  • Pre-built Section Design
  • Renovated System Structure
  • Super Fast Site Building
  • SEO and SMM Optimized
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Quix Page Builder

best Joomla page builders

Quix Page Builder

When it comes to develop a Joomla website and make it customizable, It becomes quite tedious for the professionals and beginners to do this, because it is sometimes time-consuming to write big codes to the sake of some functionality. The Quix Joomla page builder makes super convenient for you to develop a visual site without writing a single line of code.

The Quix page builder is one of the best drag and drop integration. With Quix, you have all the control over your site layout, whether it is simple to complex pages, Quix makes supremely easy to create an appealing page just by drag and drop element.

It is the best premium and Free Joomla page builder provides a bunch of features and functionality that’s why the number of download of this page builder are consecutively increasing. Besides that, there is an extensive number of Joomla templates integrated with Quix page builder Let’s take a look at the features.

Key Features of Quix Page Builder

  • Entirely Responsive Design
  • Compatible with all the Templates & Framework
  • Built-in Animation
  • Parallax Background
  • Built-in Content Option
  • Load and Joomla Module Inside Elements
  • Import/Export Layout for section
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JSN Page Builder

Best Joomla page builders

JSN Joomla Page Builder

JSN Joomla page builder is a powerful Joomla visual composer. A very well known name when it comes to the page builder. It is another amazing solution to create an attractive and functional Joomla site, you can notice the immediate result and you’ll get amazed at how fast and responsive it is.

With some powerful modules, a lot of advanced elements, widget support and animated effects, you can not only built new pages but redesign your existing pages as well on your site by the native Joomla.

Moreover, This page builder comes with a totally responsive design that perfectly adapts all the screen sizes and works on almost all templates and framework.

Key Features of JSN Page Builder

  • Advanced Page Element
  • Article and Module Editing
  • Prebuilt Animation
  • Compatible with all Template & Framework
  • Live Preview
  • Real-Time Website Design
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Azura Joomla Page Builder

best Joomla page builders

Azura Joomla Page Builder

Azura makes website development even more exciting by providing a vast functionality. This Joomla page builder extension allows you to develop content rich pages in just minutes by drag and drop interface.

With the Azura page builder, you don’t need to use any further custom plugin to create slider, videos, gallery etc. This all in one solution provide everything that you expect from any page builder.

Also, it supports open graph and ACL where you can particularize which user can access to a particular page and what operation they are permitted to be performed on the desired page.

Key Features Of Azura

  • Prebuilt styled elements
  • CSS3 animation support
  • JCE and TinyMCE editor support
  • Awesome, Line icon icon fonts
  • Dependency fields for intuitive options
  • Compatible with any template frameworks.
  • Prebuilt styled elements
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Page Builder CK

best Joomla page builders

Page Builder CK

Page builder CK is another nicest drag and drops Joomla extension which is extremely simple and clear. It developed with such intensity so that people don’t see any complexity at the time of using it. This instinctive drag and drop page builder comes with many easy to use modules that you can add to your pages.

Page builder CK has the library of pre-designed elements, great collection of font awesome icons, drag and drop image upload interface and many more other features that make it in limelight. Take a look at the features.

Key Features of Page Builder CK

  • Multiple elements preinstalled
  • Library of predefined elements
  • Inline edition of your texts
  • Direct preview in the interface (Real preview)
  • Lightweight frontend page
  • Multiples options to set animations
  • Customize the animations
  • Module Page Builder CK
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As page builders are the effective way to make your site more speedy, which is an important factor in business growth.
All the Joomla extensions are tested with multiple framework and templates and they are excellently working until now. Also, it would be very clear that Quix and SP page builder is a great choice. If you are okay to spend a decent amount on page builders then go with the top 2 which is best in the market with the guaranteed support from the developers.
At last, my opinion is to check out all the extension, whatever you find effective for your site, just pick without any worry.

  1. I have SP Page Builder, and it’s very buggy. At present, I am completely stopped due to an upgrade bug that will not allow me to edit or even install a basic text block. The help desk is manned by folks in Pakistan, whose english and patience is very…weak, making it a struggle to get an answer to a problem. The front end is not as easy to use as they would have you believe. In some cases I cannot even access the various elements on my front end due to the weird way the sections display margins and padding. I’m ready to pull my hair out. Here it is two days later and I am out of business until they fix this problem.

    Designing for various displays is a bit of a pain, too.

    • Hey,
      Thanks for leaving your feedback about the SP Page Builder.

      I will suggest you give a try to JD Builder from JoomDev. They are very prompt to respond and its a really good page builder which give you real preview experience from the backend.


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